FAQ: What Can I Expect at my No-Fault (One Year Separation) Divorce Hearing

If your case also involves a divorce on a one year continuous separation, the following questions will be asked:

  1. Usually the Court will ask you, prior to starting the hearing, whether there is any possibility of reconciliation
  2. When did you separate
  3. Have you remained separated continuously since that time, without reconciliation or cohabitation
  4. are you asking the Court to grant you a divorce based upon a one  year continuous separation

Your Witness on a One Year Separation Divorce (this should be someone who comes to your home regularly and has first-hand knowledge that you have been separated for more than one year, such as a friend, relative or neighbor):

  1. How do you know the party(ies)
  2. How long have you known the party(ies)
  3. Did you hear them testify that they separated around (date)
  4. does that dound accurate to you?
  5. Are you close to the party(ies)
  6. If they had reconciled, do you believe they would have told you?
  7. To your knowledge, have them remained separate and apart since that time
  8. Have you been to their home on a regular basis over the past year
  9. During any of those times, have you seen anything to indicate that they were residing together
  10. To your knowledge, have they in fact been separated for more than one year